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Part of the curtain
Most of the customers who bought the curtains to buy curtains to buy curtains, and this is what question? Curtain shop salesperson will tell you, the curtain comprises a curtain cloth (including yarn, lace, plummet, cloth belt, a hook, a track, Roman bar, pulley rail, tie ball (TIE), decorations, shade cloth, shutter, vertical curtain. In addition to the curtain cloth, shading cloth, curtain, vertical curtain, window curtain, the rest of the uniform is known as the "annex" (familiar with the computer will feel very kind of the word). Please remember: when any product "accessories" more, more tricky. Is like you not only have to pay for your phone calls, but also to pay monthly fees, call display fee, SMS notification fee, MMS fee... Etc.. Do you think it is very cheap now, how can you go down? The so-called "blunt knife flesh feeling no pain" to describe the customer.
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