Textiles category is introduced

Source: Pujiang Xinjia industry and Trade Co., LtdRelease time: 2015-09-30

Knitted fabric

The main products are:

Circular woven fabric

The main products are: Knitted undershirt cloth, cotton cloth, rib cloth, mesh cloth, shake fleece, air layer, a polyester cover, Terry, pull flannel, cut velvet, artificial fur and so on many and many variations of mixed weave such as Pingluo pattern organization, jacquard, set ring group weaving, plating structure, the cushion tissue, Terry change etc.. Due to the different knitting needles in alignment rules, with a product will also have many variations, such as: small mesh mesh cloth, bead mesh, pineapple grid, waffle and so on.

Plain woven fabric

The main products are: knitting rib, wool fabric, yarn shirt fabric, warp woven fabric, warp knitted mesh fabric, warp knitted suede fabric, warp knitted napped fabric, warp knitted fabric, warp knitted towel fabric and so on.

On the basis of the original and the change of raw material (cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, wool, organic hemp, bamboo fiber, corn fiber, seaweed fiber and blended) and staining (changes in dyeing, yarn dyed, color spinning process change (jacquard, interleaving, composite, brushed, flocking, burnt out, wash water, stone, coating and so on, can regenerate the many, many varieties.

Woven cloth

The main products are:


Cotton, it is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. The utility model has the advantages of easy warm, soft close, hygroscopicity, permeability is very good, not easy to allergies. Its disadvantages are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, poor recovery, low gloss, in the wear must often iron.


Linen, is a fabric made with hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, Abaca hemp fiber variety. It is generally used to make casual wear, work clothes, also to make common summer. It has the advantages of high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, permeability is very good. Its disadvantage is that wearing is not very comfortable, the appearance is more rough, hard.


Silk, silk fabric is referred to a variety of silk textile raw material into the. Like cotton, it's a lot of variety, different personality. It can be used to make all kinds of garments, especially suitable for making women's clothes. Its advantage is frivolous, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, brilliant color, rich luster, noble elegant, comfortable to wear. It is mainly to the deficiency of wrinkle, easy to absorb the body, strong enough, fade faster.

Woolen cloth

Woolen cloth, also called wool, it is woven with all kinds of wool, cashmere fabric general. It is usually applied to make a dress, suit, coat, and other regular, high-end clothing. The utility model has the advantages of anti wrinkle resistant, soft and crisp, elegant, flexible, warm and strong. The main drawback is that it is difficult to wash, not suitable for the production of summer.


Leather is tanned, made of animal fur fabric. It is used to make fashion, winter. And can be divided into two categories: first, leather, that is, the past wool processing leather. Two is the fur, or even processed hair leather belt. The utility model has the advantages of light warm, elegant. Its disadvantage is that the price is expensive, storage, care requirements are higher, so it is not suitable for universal.

Chemical fiber

Chemical fiber,

Textile is short for chemical fiber. It is the use of polymer compounds as raw materials for the production of textiles. Usually it is divided into two categories of artificial fibers and synthetic fibers. Their common advantage is bright color, soft texture, drape neat, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantage is that the wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture permeability, air permeability is poor, easy to deformation, easy to produce static electricity. Although it can be used to produce various kinds of clothing, but the overall level is not high, difficult to get in good taste.


Blending, is the natural fiber and chemical fiber according to a certain proportion, the mixture of textile fabrics, can be used to make a variety of garments. Its strengths, is not only absorbed the cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber their respective advantages, but also to avoid their own shortcomings, and in value is relatively low, so popular.